Opaque -transparent electronic smart window glass with high technical for hotel-Smart Glass

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Smart Glass
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Opaque -transparent electronic smart window glass with high technical for hotel

Min.Order Quantity:10

Supply Ability:1000000SQM

Meters per Month Port:Jiujiang,China

Payment Terms:T/T,Paypal

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Simply put, STG is privacy upon demand. With the touch of a button, you instantly have the choice between a transparent glass window or an opaque glass wall. 
STG is the premier line for customizable intelligent glass window products that offer complete control over glare, heat gain & privacy with an unrivaled combination of security, comfort and reduced energy costs.


Opacity-changing glass offers commercial and residential customers the opportunity to instantly customize their personal space according to their privacy needs. 
Whether it be a retail shop owner closing for the day or a high-rise condominium owner desiring a view without having to deal with the expense and intrusion of a cumbersome system of curtains and blinds, STG is the ideal choice.