5+5mm electrically switchable smart glass ,Normal glass for bathroom-Smart Glass

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Smart Glass
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5+5mm electrically switchable smart glass ,Normal glass for bathroom

Min.Order Quantity:10

Supply Ability:1000000SQM

Meters per Month Port:100000SQM

Payment Terms:T/T,Paypal

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Simply put, STG is privacy upon demand. With the touch of a button, you instantly have the choice between a transparent glass window or an opaque glass wall. 
STG is the premier line for customizable intelligent glass window products that offer complete control over glare, heat gain & privacy with an unrivaled combination of security, comfort and reduced energy costs.


Opacity-changing glass offers commercial and residential customers the opportunity to instantly customize their personal space according to their privacy needs. 

Whether it be a retail shop owner closing for the day or a high-rise condominium owner desiring a view without having to deal with the expense and intrusion of a cumbersome system of curtains and blinds, STG is the ideal choice.

STF operates on the principle of electrically controlled light scattering. They consist of liquid crystal droplets surrounded by polymer mixture sandwiched between two pieces of conducting film. When no electricity is applied, the liquid crystal droplets are randomly oriented, creating and opaque state. When electricity is applied, the liquid crystals aline parallel to the electric field and light passes through, creating a transparent state.

The polymer and liquid crystals are encapsulated in the STF. Both faces of the film are covered with a transparent ITO coating. Both ITO coatings are connected to a flat electrical busbar, which is fixed on one of the edge of the film.